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The Hit Makers Advisor and Consulting Team
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Dedicated Team: Work with a team via email and conference calls to assist you with your music & marketing project!

The Indie Label Support You and Your Music Needs!

You can add an incredibly supportive and creative executive team to your project to help you with everything from web design setup, marketing, graphic design, social media and building your fan base.  We guarantee your satisfaction with measurable results! We offer the best in advice, support and consulting. We are a collective team of music executives committed to helping you grow.

Note: We Have A Limited Number Of Memberships Available


Songwriter & Producer Match


Music Evaluation

We shop music so if you submit for licensing, we provide 24-48 hour turnaround on feedback.


Producer Match

No more purchasing music or beats you can't monetize. We manage producers & license music.


Writers Match

We match you up with the perfect songwriter and producers for your project. Fully licensed!


Contract Advice

Career and contract advice. We know which contracts you need to sign to protect your career.


Distribution, Events & Publishing

Unlimited Distr

Unlimited song distribution to Tidal, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and more. We handle it all.

ALL Event Tixs

Access to ANY and ALL The Hit Maker Session events including Music Placement Conference in Orlando


Publishing Admin

Priority publishing administration services and registration for your songs with us.


Sync for TV, Film

We pitch your music for licensing regardless of your membership. Get a better split as a member!


Build a fan base & tour support

Social Zone

We work with multiple social platforms to promote your music. No more post and hope!

Fan Base Tools

Mailing list software is used to build your fan base along with other tools provided by our team!

Fan Base

Get the fast track to building a fan base. The steps you need to take to get and keep fans!

Tour Support

Our advertising channel is listening to our members to match up advertisers and shows!


eStore, Hosting, Merch & Ticket Sales

Web Hosting

Our optional hosting platform includes excellent designs, eStore and plenty of space.

eStore/Web Tools

We give you the tools to build your own website. Complete with guidance and step by step videos


Design Setup

We provide you with the tools and software to build your own website. Complete with video tuts.

We Build

We give you the tools to build your own website but if you need us we can build at pennies on the $$!


Discounts Off Membership Offers

Graphic Design

Album covers, EPK's, Banners and Logo design...we can handle it all for less than you think.

Video Marketing

The video is done and professionally made. We can make sure they see it on YouTube, Instagram...

Launch Party

A launch party, selecting the venue and promoting the event takes a team. We're your team!

The Interviews

Setting up Interviews, recording promo videos and building your brand is powered by


All The Above Plus +


Vids, Audios & Calls


Dedicated Coaching

Dedicated coaching: Pair up with a dedicated coach who works one on one with you and your project!

Have your own person assistant, manager and agent all in one. A dedicated reps is your 1 on 1 consultant to help you in the music business. 


Experts Call

Listen in as we discuss the steps to success in business, branding and how to achieve your goals.


Exclusive alerts on music placement opportunities for Indie Films, TV and sync licensing.


DJ Spin Net

The DJ Network!
Get the radio, club and internet spins and exposure to be heard!


When the whistle blows, it's time to get to work. Our music coaching team will keep you on track.


Text Alerts

Call, text or video chat with your coach on the next moves for your career


1 on 1

Dedicated coaching and advise on your project from start to launch. Direct 1 on 1 support.

Phone Calls

There are moments when you need an expert on the line. Licensing, contracts, conf call and more

The Brainstorm

Bouncing your ideas with a creative mind. Brainstorm with an expert to see the difference.

Build Your Team On Your Budget


Gene Culver - CEO,CMO

Our partners are here to support your growth as an artist! We work with managers, producers and those that support the artist.  Companies like are the exclusive advertising agency behind The Hit Makers Session. They only work with our members to find advertisers to support indie tours. is a web design company with 25 years experience and they manage all web design setups for our members. Audio Drizzle is responsible for pitching your music for film and TV. Then there is the Music Placement Conference which is held in Orlando Florida January 26-28th, 2017 which also happens to be Grammy Weekend! All powered by the team at Music Drizzle. - Gene Culver

Excellent Support: Regardless of your budget we plan to provide outstanding support and advice to help you with your career goals. You may have multiple goals but our #1 goal is to make you a success story that both you and everyone on our team can brag about.

Dedicated Coach: A 1 on 1 support rep who works with you step by step through any of the services that we offer. Select a dedicated coach if it fits your need and budget.

Dedicated Team: The dedicated team is available through email, conference calls and provide the best in support. They also support the dedicated coaches who work 1 on 1.

Budget Setting: We can help you set your budget through consultation. You'll need to have a budget even if you plan to complete parts of your project over time.  It's important that you think of your budget as an investment and not an expense. Our staff is trained to stretch your budget for maximum results.

Music Pitch: As songwriter, producer or an artist, the fastest way to get a return on your investment is by licensing your music for Film, TV or Micro Licensing. Our "Pitch" team is responsible for licensing your music and getting you paid. There is membership required for publishing and licensing music through our team.


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