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 high-level listening Session
1 on 1 Listening Networking

To the Mic entertainment is now part of the Hit Makers Session. Our showcases are designed to help the artist advance their career by putting them on some of the best stages in front of thousands of people. Each artist goes through a process of performing at a showcase and our team then decides which major artist they can open for and in which city. If you’re talented, it time to take it
“To The Mic”

Meet us in Clermont Florida at the studio and open mic for a great music and entertainment industry networking event. Listening to songs for film and television plus our rapid fire songwriting challenge.

Songwriting Competiton

Drizzle Films, The company that produced the “Drizzle” Streaming app (Launching 2019) and the indie film producers of “Missed You, Baby!”
is offering a songwriting competition with cash, prizes and more for each soundtrack and film placement. Next is the soundtrack launch party coming with live performances from artist that are on the soundtrack. Each soundtrack will stream live over Spotify, Apple Music, Napster and others. Join the competition and  join the party by submitting your music through
The Hit Makers Session.

Placement Value:
Cash or prizes all media, worldwide, perpetuity, distribution pending Genre: mastered Pop, R&B, Latin, Soul, Soft rock, Hip Hop, Rap 

Competition Soundtrack & Film Music References



Songwriters network with other producers, songwriters and TV/Film music supervisors.

Music Placement

Getting music placed in film, TV and A&R starts with networking with the key gatekeepers.


Listening Session

You’ve made the music. To get it placed, take the next step and join our 1 on 1 sessions.

The Hit Makers Session Feedback 

The Listening Session gives your music greater chance for placement not only with licensors but also wither attendees who are looking for collaborations or songs for their projects. 

The Hit Makers Session Tour

The Hit Makers Tour allows you to network with industry experts, play your music for licensing agents, A&R, Music Supervisors as well as attend our songwriting challenge. 

Power Networking in this industry allows you to make friends before you need them. Find new contacts to work with and grow your business. 



Increase Placements

Our high-level networking events put you in the room directly with the gatekeepers for music placement in film, TV, A&R and song playlist. Building these relationships is key to increasing your placement opportunities.

Multiple Music Needs

Different music for different situations. Our team helps you to sort your music for the different opportunities. Film, TV, A&R, Video Games and micro-licensing. Our high-level direct connect relationships will open the door for your music to be heard and considered for each opportunity.

Barrier of Entry

Building strong relationships and making great first impressions are the first step to removing the barrier of entry. That get’s you in the door that we’ve opened for you. Amazing music keeps you in the door.

Music Publishing Reps

Our team can pair you up with the best music publishing reps in the business. The publisher licenses music to all areas of media, including Television, Film, Video Games and more, worldwide. They are responsible for managing your catalog, pitching your music and administrating the royalties on your music. You don’t have to go it alone.

Turning music into syncs with high-level face to face networking!

Testimonials & wHAT THEY sAID


This was an AMAZING conference. Already receiving phone calls asking when and where the Music Placement Conference will be next.

Joy Sanders, CEO @ Aeonian Legacy

The Music Placement Conference was amazing and so many talented people were inspired towards achieving their dreams! Creative talent is a gift, and those who are gifted are special because of their uniqueness! Cultivate and expose your gift to the world, because you never how high it will take you in your career!

Marianne Eggleston, @ Orlando Urban Film Festival

It was a wonderful experience, and I do not want to miss any of the conferences and gatherings, everybody was helpful, talented and so full of energy, we truly enjoyed to meet the most wonderful people, kind of gives you the energy to look into the future

Ingrid Smith, Songwriter Fireandice.TV



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