About The Hit Makers

Collaboration, music pitch and placements!
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The Hit Makers Session is designed to bring together singers, producers and songwriters to collaborate on new hit songs.
IF you’re a hit maker, you should be a part of our group. If you are looking to collaborate with other hit makers, you should be a part of our group.

We offer FREE music placement alerts via email. All you have to do is register and sign up for the alerts you want to receive. Once you receive an alert about a placement that you feel your music will match, login and upload that music and our pitch team will handle the rest.

Our premium service offers the following services:

  • Includes access to our Hit Maker Sessions and Events (limited seating First Come First Server)
  • Access to our growing music biz blog filled with videos and how to’s.
  • A 70/30 split on all placements vs a 50/50 split in our freemium service.
  • Access to our connections with hundreds of music libraries. Just upload your music and we place, collect and send you checks.
  • A Hit Makers website with hosting (Word Press Setup)