Slow Sounds

Slow to Medium
Track Length:
.60 to Full Length
Vocal Mix:
Vocals or Instrumentals
Lyrics & Keywords:
Slow Moody, Dark, Ethereal, etc.
$ 500
Ambient & Technology Sound

Ambient & Technology Sound

Simple and good background ambient track for corporate projects, explanation videos, slideshows, presentations,commercials and other. Motivational and inspirational mood. Light and modern sound, upbeat and optimistic, relaxing and dreamy. Guitar harmonics, piano, bells, tambourine. Uplifting atmosphere. Good solution as background music for the speaker voice.

Daily Licensing and extensive library placement.

16-Bit Stereo, 44.1 kHz

Library – Cinematic Music

Library – Cinematic Music

As we continue to place music in Libraries, we are in need of cinematic music for 3 new relationships that we’ve created. Library music sells on a daily basis.
If you have the tracks, we will handle the process of posting, tracking and collecting revenue from current and new relationships.

Epic Trailer – Dramatic

We are looking for epic trailer cinematic and action adventure music for a short film. The film is heading into post production and is in need of indie music and low up front rate ($200) with incremental licensing payments based on sales volume.