The Hit makers 

Did you know that all distribution systems lead to the same platforms? For the most part, they do… but… they are not all created equal. Yes, different prices, collection of royalties etc make them different but some will put money behind your project if it takes off. This means marketing dollars, advance payments, sync licensing opportunities, live performances, more merchandise sales and so much more.
“To The Mic” will help position you to get more out of your distribution through  marketing, promotion, playlist placement, articles, and monetization.  

Music Distribution

We distribute? Singles, Albums, EP’s, Comedy Segments, Cover Tunes, 
and Spoken Word. Let’s take this to the mic!

Marketing / Promotion

Anyone can distribute your music, but not everyone can market it. We push for maximum results.

Targeted Distribution

Selection for the right distribution channel that compliments the marketing strategy changes everthing.

More royalty collection

Our goal is to help you collect more of your royalties from more source plus sync licensing opportunities.

The Hit Makers Session Request

Our marketing team can’t do miracles. With that said, as long as the music is amazing we can help you grow through our strategic relationships and carefully selected distribution channels. 

We need to hear your music so we can advise on the right steps. We can push your masterpiece to the next level.

Use the form on the right and let’s talk it over. 

We listen to everything that comes it and sometimes twice!