Elite listening Session Tour

Pre-screened and approved music can increase your chances of getting a placement based on the attending team of experts that we have invited. We are interested in your success and a good match for the session.

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In a relaxed atmosphere, The Hit Makers Session Elite listening event is designed to put you in an executive networking environment one on one with the gatekeepers for music licensing. This networking environment includes:

  • Food
  • Open Bar
  • Listening Session
  • Album releases
  • Discussions
  • Limited to 15 producers, songwriters, publishers max per city

Yes, you can finally network one on one and not fight the crowd at the front of a room for the attention of the top executives. Plus, they are there to listen and decide how to best work with you.

Depending on the city, this event will include A&R, Sync Agents, Publishers, Music Supervisors, and other music placement experts.

We listen to all music first to gauge if it’s the right music for the executives we have invited to attend. This prescreening process is what we consider the best way to match up what our experts are looking for and what you have to offer.
Our Elite and Online events are NOT FREE.


Approval Required

Submissions reviewed first

Executive Suite Listening


Executive Suite Networking

Executive suite "Anti-Conference" type networking

Executives that can listen and help you monetize your music

Open bar relaxed environment for building relationships

Food and Beverages included

Music listening sessions over a great sound system

A&R listening for music for their artist.