Songwriting, Sync Licensing & Film Conference

Orlando, Florida Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Celebration of Music, Songwriters and Filmmakers

Music Worshops

Writing, production and how to create great productions.

Film Workshops

Indie film worshops and how to get started with production and music.

Marketing Class

Discover how to get your music marketed through online offline techniques.

Brand Partnerships

Meet the marketing agency putting artist on tour with support and paid performances.

Listening Session

Our townhall meeting style listening session is designed to get your music heard.

Sync Workshops

Meet the people doing sync licensing and how they get it done!

Wrap Up & Network

A Giant after party with film and music makers networking. Come meet new people.

Music Supervisors

Meet the music supervisors of film and tv. Discover what they want and why.

A&R Reps

Our A&R team is looking for music for their projects. Join them in a listening session.

2018 Music Placement Conference

Scheduled 2018 Speakers

Coming Soon

Live Performances and Showcase

Indie artist and showcase performances

2017 Event

Performance by top 10 Season 11 The Voice finalist Christian Cuevas was a great added touch to our Hit Makers Session. Keeping with the tradition, we will continue to add indie artist as well as the established artist to our events.

Music Cola

Our showcases and performances are managed by Music Cola, the event and production team behind the Music Placement Conference and The Hit Makers Session. They produce events and shows around the country. 

Hotel: Rosen Centre Orlando, Florida

Film Community

Film and Music go together. At the Music Placement Conference, we bring together songwriters all aspects of filmmaking in one conferences.


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Grab your ticket today! We will see you in Orlando