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Music Distribution The hit makers Session

Label Development Services | Music Distribution 

Frequently Asked Questions

Over 200 distribution outlets: Spotify | YouTube | Deezer | Apple Music | Pandora | Facebook | Instagram | Amazon Music
| Beatport | Napster | Audio Mack | Google Play | Sound Cloud | Tik Tok | Tidal and more. 

What kind of licensing do you offer?

Two types: Micro licensing for your instrumentals and beats that are 30-90 seconds long. Major licensing (sync licensing ) for, tv, and movies.

To The Mic?

To The Mic is the artist development program that powers the launch of the select artist on our roster. We provide everything including financial support.

No Commission?

We pass through 100% of the royalties collected on your behalf through the distribution channels and pass that on to you.

Music marketing cash advance?

We are ALWAYS looking for an artist to invest in to help take them to the next level. We look at the analytics, social media, and other activities to determine if we can pour financial gas on the fire to help your career.


We have extensive marketing services available which start at $25,000-$35,000. Our creative team will help you expand your reach from radio promotion to tv appearances. 

Unlimited Distribution?

Yes, once you join us you can login and submit unlimited songs (singles or albums) under your artist name.


Yes, after you sign up our team will schedule a call with our distribution, sync licensing, and music consultant expert. Ask them any question you want. Also, every time you submit music, they will provide feedback.

Hosting and business websites?

Yes, included in your distribution is a hosting account for 3 websites (including a premade estore). It’s yours to do what you want.

Take Down?

If you need to take down your music, contact our takedown department and they will manage that process. 

Artist Development?

We are open to artist development at every stage of the process. From pictures to video to finding songwriters and producers to putting the artist on the big stage. Powered By