Listeners- Streaming!

Our network of listeners can help you increase your Spotify streams. Whether you want more fans, increase sales or to appear on more playlist, we can help. Over the next few months we can increase your fan streams by 1,000-5,000. The plays are 100% natural! Our marketing strategy will grow your listenership and increase the number of lists your music is placed on gradually.  For our label clients, we can increase your streams by over 100,000!

100% Natural Streams up to 5,000 per month. Starting $55 Per Month

$55 Per Month – Up to 5,000 Gradually Per month

$599 Per Month – 100,000 Streams

$55 Per Month – 

Monthly Streams & Marketing

Build your marketing plan over time with a steady stream of new listeners to your single on your Spotify account. Let our marketing team blog, tweet, post, and negotiated your songs on to other playlists while we grow your listening base. You can cancel at any time.

Here are the first 4 months of our 
marketing results guaranteed: 

  • (1Mo) Monthly Increase 500-800 new streams
  • (2Mo) Monthly Increase 800-1000 new streams
  • (3Mo) Monthly Increase 3,000 new streams
  • (4Mo) Monthly Increase 5,000 new streams
  • Each additional month and Increase of 3,000-5,000 new streams


Get Your Streams and playlist placements Guaranteed

This is a marketing strategy designed to provide you with additional traffic and listeners of your music. It’s guaranteed to increase your streams. We provide measurable results on your account plus, during the campaign you can request stats at any time.

You can cancel at any time. However, for the best results, it’s recommended that we apply a continues marketing strategy for the next 4 months minimum.

$55 Per Month – Up to 5,000 Gradually Per Month

$599 Per Month –  100,000 Streams