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Placement FAQ

Do you charge to pitch music?

No, we allow you to upload your music based on the alerts you’ve received or viewed in our alert section.

All alerts sent are free to receive. Some alerts sent are for request for the music libary submission. In this case, you will need access to the premium service for our team to currate, tag and place your music in multiple libraries.

Who own the rights to the music?

You do. We own the exlusive right to push that song or songs submitted to avoid confusion when it comes to collecting revenue in the market place. However, you and anyone that is on your split sheet owns the rights to the music. We just admininster the publishing if you request it.

What happens at the events?

At the sessions, producers present their music without lyrics. Then, you have 3 hours to collaborate with writers, singers and others producers to make a hit song. There are songwriting mentors floating around to assist with the collaborations. At larger events, we have judges to determine the winner. The winner gets a recording contract for that song to professionally produce that track in the studio.

All songs are submitted to Music Drizzle for sync consideration.

Where do you place our music?

Multiple locations. Both libraries new and old and in our datebase to respond to phone and email inquires.

Library Questions

How many music libraries?
The short answer: AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!!! However, not all music is good for libraries or accepted. Plus, not all libraries are good place for any music let alone our clients. So we try to keep you in multiple libraries but 8-10 are usually good enough. In some cases, we can tie you in to hundreds.

Music that's good for libraries?
Instrumentals! Beats! For a good sample of a library that works. See AudioJungle (AF)  Also, checkout Getty Music just to name a few.

Licensing & Placement Overview – What types??

Major Sync (synchronization)
Music is music and film is film. When the two come together that’s “Sync Licensing” The same for TV commercials, indie films and more. (See Wikipedia) This type of licensing is consider major licensing. Harder to get but work the hit! Pays bigger or does it? It depends. It can make a band or artist very popular and lots of money. We pitch for this type of licensing but it takes longer to score. Therefore, we also focus on Daily Licensing.

Major label Placements
Artist that are signed to major labels are in need of hit songs. Ones that they can make their own and ones that make them popular. Our team is consistently making connections and shopping songs to major labels for placement with their artist. It’s one of the reasons why The Hit Makers Session was created!

Daily Licensing
Every time you see a video on youtube with music attached, a corporate doodle video or a Go pro video with music, usually that music is licensed or somehow monetized. This type of licensing happens almost every single day. According to RumbleFish, It can be close to 100K times per day. We focus our energy on this type of licensing for our clients all day.

Indie Music Placement
Not every artist writes their own songs. And when an artist hears a beat or songs that fits, they must have it! If they plan to record and release it, they need a license to do so. We focus on leasing indie music the same way producers focus on leasing beats. A song may be leased 10 times, 1 time or purchased outright. This, in our oppinion, a great way to generate daily revenue.

The Hit Maker Sessions – FAQ

Rights to the music?

You will always maintain the rights to your music that you created including lyrics. Unless some other arrangement contractually has been made, it’s yours.  

More to come. Don’t see an answer to your questions – Text or call: 407-205-2138