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Sell 1 track Multiple times

1 popular track Distribution $29

Unlimited Songs Multiple Networks

Unlimited Distribution $97 

type of tracks Accepted

Quirky sounds selling around the world!

Don’t prejudge your music. That 30-90 second quirky beat with no lyrics may be perfect for that clients commercial. Guess what, it may be perfect for 1-2,000 commercials at $20 each. Nothing is guaranteed!  In the micro market, great instrumental tracks sell over 100 thousand times per day around the world. Optimized at 44.1 kHz 16-Bit stereo are all it takes for submission. Sign UP

how tracks are sold daily

The Math!

As an example: One track for $8, $20 or $50 could sell to multiple users around the world thousands of times. This revenue is more lucrative than streaming for most producers. 

  • 20% revenue split to our team
  • 80% Profit to you
  • Distribution through multiple outlets
  • Revenue paid on a monthly basis

Different types of music

Small snips of music distributed correctly can be profitable.




New Age




Distribution Services and worldwide collection

What We Can Do For You

Our distribution service will take your tracks, evaluate the sound, categorize it for placement and select the most lucrative placement opportunities to maximize sales. Each track is placed in a network to reach the maximum sales level. Then we collect revenue from all over the world for any and all sales generated. Our accounting team will send you a payment and report for monthly sales.

Quality Requirements

Optimized at 44.1 kHz 16-Bit stereo are all it takes for submission.

Collect & Pay

We collect all payments from around the world and pay you monthly.

Worldwide Distribution

1 track or hundreds, we place your tracks where people are buying.

1 Song Distribution

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YOu Can Do both:

Licensing &. Streaming Revenue

Streaming is here to stay. No doubt about that. The return on investment can be slightly different. According to Information Is Beautiful from the article in Digital Music News, it takes 90,000 to 130,000 streams between Napster and Tidal respectively to earn minimum wage with your music. Those two networks have the highest payout for streaming. 

If you license one digital file, which is purchased over 200 times per month around the world, through our network, you could generate the same revenue or more depending on the end users licensing requirements. Unlike a full song, there is no need for vocals, so you don’t need a studio singer. Your file could be 30 seconds long and generate more revenue per second with less production than a traditional song streaming. You could have several of these instrumentals which are perfect for a wedding video, corporate video, podcast or more just sitting and waiting to be distributed.

You can continue to license your music, but with those sounds that didn’t turn into a song could be another stream of revenue. Consider doing both streaming and licensing of your music. 


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