There was a time I could play frisbee by myself.
Literally, I could run fast enough to through and catch on my own.
The only way I could come close to moving that fast today is
on a bicycle.

In high school, I set 5 high school records and won 4 gold medals in one day.
Two weekends before that, while competing, I was second and third in the same races.
Close finishes but not a winner.

What happen that changed my luck two weeks later? HAHA, Luck had nothing to do with it.
It was amazing coaching. Coaching with insight that changed my approach to a race.

My coach brings me to the track, breaks out this bulky camcorder (the 80’s didn’t have cell phones like today).

I get in the blocks and he fires the imaginary gun and I take off or so I thought I did! He brings me back and
makes me do it again and again and again. Until he had enough, he kept talking about the start.

After practice, he sends me to the film room to review my starts on film. It all looked normal to me
until he pointed out two issues. I was looking at it from my own perspective so I couldn’t see what was

It was the definition of insanity… I was doing the same thing get the same results… over and over and over again.

1st, I was starting out of the blocks and standing straight up. For those that don’t know, it’s important
that you stay low for the first 5-8 steps and then you come up into your full running power with your arms
swinging. All sprinters know this and if they don’t they should.

2nd, I was getting settled in the blocks way too fast. This meant that I was ready to launch out of the blocks in a hold position
ready to run. This put the pressure on me longer than it needed to be so the anxiety of the race started building longer and caused me to start by standing straight up out of the blocks.

My coach showed me how to be last to settle in the blocks. They couldn’t fire the gun to start the race until I was settled. I was the last one to settle down in the blocks and the anxiety shifted to the other guys and off of me!

Once I corrected it, boom! Instead of losing by one a step, I won by a step. The same guys I was losing to became the ones
I beat. On the other side of winning, was a record. 5 of them. 3 of them held for 13 years until I was inducted into the High School
Hall of Fame!

Gene, what does this have to do with the music industry. NOTHING! But it has everything to do with your success in ANYTHING
you want to do. Music, Marketing, Building a business, Production, Filmmaking, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t have someone
to over see what you’re doing from a different perspective and provide excellent life changing feedback, you’re going to struggle
to win.

You can get this in a book, video, friend, coach or mentor… but you need an expert or feedback from someone other than your own inner voice.

Hitting your goals, the target being successful or getting to the next level could be a 1% change in what you do to get there. Imagine being 1% away or the right advice away from changing your life.

Gene Culver