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Old Style R&B Sound Needed

Scene Description: Need female vocals only! General tone/feel similar to TLC "Waterfalls" -- Can be newly recorded, just needs to sound like 90s R&B Clean versions only. 1990's Sound Network TV opportunity Budget...

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Soft Beautiful Instrumental

Looking for an emotional song for the ending of a TV show. Sad, emotional ending. Piano TV placement in the ending credits. TV show is about relationships and this is about the end of a beautiful relationship. Pays $500

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Epic Trailer – Dramatic

We are looking for epic trailer cinematic and action adventure music for a short film. The film is heading into post production and is in need of indie music and low up front rate ($200) with incremental licensing payments based on sales volume.

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R&B Track – A&R Placement

Indie artist in Miami looking for R&B track. Budget $500 Plus PRO and hoping to co-write on the track. Each track should also include options for additional track production in studio. Music Samples Genre: R&B Payout: $500 - $1,000 Tempo: Slow to Medium Track...

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